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AWS Airbar-Get More Yield From Your Field

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All this innovation and detail means you reap the benefits of:

Reduced Shatter Loss

Average Yield Gains 1-4 bushels/acre
Improved Feeding
Faster Ground Speeds

The benefits of harvesting with air can be witnessed across an array of crops such as soybeans, dry beans, lentils, chickpeas, poppy seeds, sorghum, grass seeds, canola and cereal crops.

Using a high-powered air stream, the AWS Airbar increases the yield from your field by moving crops quickly from the knife and on to the header.

The Airbar system enhances the function of the OE header design; its out-front air manifold system leaves the original factory reel intact and operational

The system is driven by a quiet and efficient fan while a simple, serviceable belt drive system ensures that your harvest stays on track.

To further complement the Airbar, we also offer Stainless Floor Kits, Draper Brush, and Sump Savers for a variety of headers.