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AWS Airbar-Get More Yield From Your Field

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AWS Airbar Draper Heads

Draper Head
Draper Head Nozzle
Draper Head Fan

Reduced Shatter Loss

Improved Feeding

Faster Ground Speed

Belt Drive Fan

Greater Average Yield

  • Airbar reduces shatter loss at the knife and increases yield by 1-4 bushels per acre.
  • Longer 48” contoured nozzles direct air horizontally to the knife, moving crops quickly on to the canvas as they are cut.
  • The powerful air stream improves already advance feeding capabilities of a draper system.
  • Lower pods and seeds resting behind the knife are rushed onto the canvas minimizing loss.
  • The belt drive fan generates an efficient, powerful stream of air with minimal complexity.
  • Belt and pulley drive design is easily serviceable with readily available, industry standard components.

Get More Yield From Your Field

  • Rugged, simple driveline using industry standard components
  • In-field serviceability with NEW Service Master Chassis
  • Drive ratio matched to combine model ensures proper air flow
  • In-cab 12V remote control of air throttle & nozzle position
  • 2-piece nozzle construction with durable, light weight die-cast mounting saddle
  • Optimized nozzle geometry, reduces power loss & improves efficiency
  • Available brush kits

Product Info


Mike Baranski – JD 740FD

Big B Farms, Port Austin, Michigan

We’ve run the AWS Airbar system for over ten years on auger and draper heads and we really appreciate the improved crop flow and decreased shatter loss!