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AWS Airbar-Get More Yield From Your Field

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NEW Service Master Chassis Standard on all 2021 Complete Airbar Systems

AWS Airbar Draper Heads

Draper Head
Draper Head Nozzle
Draper Head Fan

Reduced Shatter Loss

Improved Feeding

Faster Ground Speed

Belt Drive Fan

Greater Average Yield

  • Airbar reduces shatter loss at the knife and increases yield by 1-4 bushels per acre.
  • Longer 48” contoured nozzles direct air horizontally to the knife, moving crops quickly on to the canvas as they are cut.
  • The powerful air stream improves already advance feeding capabilities of a draper system.
  • Lower pods and seeds resting behind the knife are rushed onto the canvas minimizing loss.
  • The belt drive fan generates an efficient, powerful stream of air with minimal complexity.
  • Belt and pulley drive design is easily serviceable with readily available, industry standard components.

Get More Yield From Your Field

  • Rugged, simple driveline using industry standard components
  • In-field serviceability with NEW Service Master Chassis
  • Drive ratio matched to combine model ensures proper air flow
  • In-cab 12V remote control of air throttle & nozzle position
  • 2-piece nozzle construction with durable, light weight die-cast mounting saddle
  • Optimized nozzle geometry, reduces power loss & improves efficiency
  • Available brush kits

Product Info


Mike Baranski – JD 740FD

Big B Farms, Port Austin, Michigan

We’ve run the AWS Airbar system for over ten years on auger and draper heads and we really appreciate the improved crop flow and decreased shatter loss!