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AWS Airbar-Get More Yield From Your Field

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AWS Airbar Brush Kits

AWS Airbar - Brush Kit - Photo 1
AWS Airbar - Brush Kit - Photo 2
AWS Airbar - Brush Kit - Photo 3
AWS Airbar - Brush Kit - Prevents Clogging under Canvas

Prevents Clogging

AWS Airbar - Brush Kits - Improves Yield

Improved Yield

AWS Airbar - Brush Kits - Fine Bristle Brush

Fine Bristle Brush

AWS Airbar - Brush Kits - Runs Full Length of Head

Runs Full Width of Head

The AWS Draper Brush Kit helps maintain consistent canvas tension during harvest. Crop material is prevented from entering the rear the canvas and building up on the drive rollers.

A rigid metal deflector and fine bristle brush provide the seal, reducing crop loss and header maintenance. Available for all popular draper models.

Get More Yield From Your Field

  • Prevents Clogging under Canvas
  • Improves Yields
  • Fine Bristle Brush
  • Runs Full Width of Head

Product Info


Mike Baranski – JD 740FD

Big B Farms, Port Austin, Michigan

We’ve run the AWS Airbar system for over ten years on auger and draper heads and we really appreciate the improved crop flow and decreased shatter loss!