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Not Just Any Choice. Your Choice.

Founded in 1998, TEMP Farm Equipment Ltd is an independently owned company that grew from its roots in a John Deere Dealership in Southern Ontario, Canada. Inspired by customer feedback, we developed a prototype belt drive fan which we used to produce a small initial production run. By harvest season, further demand saw our production double and our growth has continued to steadily advance since.

In 2004, we purchased shares of the original company and took over management while still operating out of the John Deere dealership where it had all begun. 2008 brought further growth as we purchased land and constructed a small factory on the site.

Driven by our superior product and devotion to our customers, we’re not just any choice of air reel solution, we’re your choice. We simplified the concept of adding air to combine headers and capitalizing on the benefits of air across a wide range of crops. We listen to our dealers and customers and use their feedback to ensure the AWS Airbar continues to be the only solution they will ever need.

We take an active role in the agricultural sector and keep in touch with today’s farming equipment, practices, and challenges. By bridging precision, automation, efficiency, user friendliness, communication, and networking between our cutting-edge product, our seasoned customers, and ourselves, we’re confident there is no one better suited to serve your air reel needs.

Most of all, we are very proud of our outstanding employees who make it possible to promote such confidence in our product and service.

Jeff Dolmage

Raised on a family farm, the same one which I now farm myself, I have remained in the agricultural sector throughout my entire life. Whether working at my local Co-op, selling for CaseIH, or being a part of the John Deere dealership where our original product concept was first launched, I consider myself very hands on in every aspect and I am always able to relate to customer needs; important traits which I have put to considerable use as an owner of our business.

My greatest sense of pride comes from our ability to sell our product to customers all around the world and maintain that same one-on-one relationship with each of them, whether a mile or a thousand miles away. The Agricultural sector is the one of the quickest evolving and cutting edge businesses and I continue to find it exciting as well as a privilege to be a part of it.

Mike DeCorte

Learning my innovation skills on the farm as part of a family of seven, I started my agricultural career at the age of 16 when I began working for a local CaseIH dealership. From there I moved on to apprentice at Fanshaw College as a Licensed Farm Equipment Mechanic followed by several years in the small engine and powersports mechanic field.

Transitioning later to a John Deere dealership, I further developed the application of air assisted harvesting. Although my technical position in our business is that of product development and design, my favourite interactions are the ones where I am able to communicate with our customers to solve their issues quickly and efficiently. Being lucky enough to hear a sincere “thank you” from a customer as they leave smiling is always a highlight.