How It Works

Greater power, same combine, better yield.

Our AWS Airbar system maintains a constant and consistent flow of air to your crops as they are cut, delivering them into your combine with less damage. This process enables your combine to operate at maximum capacity, benefiting from increased ground speed, better separation, and more even residue distribution. Your crops are swept from the knife which reduces shatter loss, enhances performance, and significantly increases yield potential.

Out Front Manifold
Factory Reel & Out Front Manifold

One of the greatest benefits of using our AWS Airbar system is the ability to retain your existing factory reel. Our removable, out-front manifold positions its nozzles between the reel fingers, avoiding the need for any unnecessary modifications to factory parts.

Belt Drive Fan

Our AWS belt drive fans are designed to require little horsepower and avoid undue stress to the feeder house with a straightforward transference of energy ensuring that we capitalize on every benefit. They are light, offer easy accessibility, and vertically mount behind the header to remain cleaner. Their simplicity keeps you harvesting.


Control of your AWS Airbar system is conveniently located at your fingertips. A self-contained, fused switch box mounted on your console provides easy access without being difficult to work around. Literally at a flip of the switch, you control the Airbar's flow of air and air direction relative to the knife while limit switches in the actuators prevent damage.

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